Understand your auto insurance quotes

When you go out to buy a car, you have already done your homework. You know what makes and models will do the job your need at a price you can afford. This includes not just the number on the ticket, but also how much gas it will take, whether all your family and the golf clubs will fit into it, and how much it will cost to insure. All this article suggests is you bring exactly the same level of interest and commitment to buying the insurance. Yes, it may sometimes seem like what's said to you and written is in a foreign language, but that's just your prejudices getting in the way. It's different but that doesn't mean you can't understand it.

Whether you're getting the auto insurance quotes over the phone or online, always look for the same features. That way to ensure you'll be comparing like with like. Let's make a list:

• the type of cover, i.e. liability, collision, comprehensive;

• the amount of cover, i.e. the limits on claims for bodily injury and property damage;

• the premium rate, i.e. how much will you pay per year and is this payable in a lump sum or as installments;

• are there any extras, i.e. do you get roadside assistance, the hire of an alternate vehicle if your's is waiting for repair, and so on;

• what happens if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver?

If you're talking with an agent over the phone, it's easy to ask questions and have things explained. Emails can be more difficult to understand, but the better websites put up by the insurance companies have explanations, usually with hyperlinks to definitions and more easily understood explanations. Unless you are absolutely sure, always check these links because there may be vital information that helps you make the best decisions.

The rule is the more time you spend gong through the auto insurance quotes, the better the decision you make and the more money you save. Indeed, it's usually the case that talking with sales agents after reviewing the auto insurance quotes gets the best results because you know what to ask, e.g. whether you have the right level of cover, what further discounts might be available, and so on.

Understand your auto insurance quotes »

Auto insurance quotes should give you clear and accurate information about the policy on offer. If the auto insurance quotes are not clear, don't buy unless someone explains what they mean.

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