Keep auto insurance quotes low by preventing theft of your vehicle

Insurance companies make money by anticipating whether we're likely to make claims. The general rule is that if we're a high risk, the premium will start higher. But we can recover the situation by taking preventative measures and convincing the insurers the risk of a claim is low as a result. One of the factors the insurers take into account when issuing auto insurance quotes is your ZIP code. The neighborhood may be quiet and peaceful with low crime rates. But if there are large numbers of vehicles stolen, the premium rate will be high. Of course, this only affects you directly if you want or need comprehensive cover — both collision and comprehensive cover are required if you have an auto loan. So what can you do to keep the auto insurance quotes low if you live in a high theft area?

It starts with where you keep your vehicle when not driving it. If you leave it on the road outside you home, it's easily available to thieves. You will always earn a lower rate if you can lock the vehicle in a garage overnight. You need to talk with insurers to see whether the discounts will be enough to justify paying rent on a separate secure parking facility. Then we come to the vehicle itself. What make and model did you buy? There are national and local statistics on which vehicles are easiest to steal. If you make a wise choice when buying, the auto insurance quotes will come lower.

Now look at what can be done to beef up security. Fitting locks on the steering wheel and gas pedal will slow down a thief and increase the chances he or she will be caught. Alarms are also a deterrent. Think about an electronic immobilizer. This makes the vehicle impossible to drive away even if the ignition lock is broken. Finally, think about tracker systems. There are some excellent GPS transmitters that can be fitted in difficult-to-find places and will allow you to recover the vehicle if it's driven away. Discuss the options for your make and model with the insurance companies when you get the auto insurance quotes. That way, you can fit the devices that give you the best discounts and save yourself the most money.

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Auto insurance quotes should give you clear and accurate information about the policy on offer. If the auto insurance quotes are not clear, don't buy unless someone explains what they mean.

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Keep auto insurance quotes low by preventing theft of your vehicle »

Keep auto insurance quotes low by preventing the theft of your vehicle. There are some cheap options that earn discounts and keep the auto insurance quotes affordable.